The highest I’ve received from GHAMRO is GH¢1,800 – KK Fosu

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Wed, 25 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

KK Fosu speaks on GHAMRO royalties

Don’t put your eggs in one basket, KK Fosu advises colleagues

KK Fosu chides GHAMRO over ‘small pay check’

Ghanaian highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, popularly known as KK Fosu, has asserted that the highest GHAMRO paycheck he has received so far is an amount of GH¢1,800, being royalties for an entire year.

The royalty payment system in Ghana has been a major concern that has reportedly hindered the growth of the industry, especially for musicians who are not able to get what is due them because of structural challenges.

There have been wild concerns from tons of industry stakeholders over the meagre amounts of monies received by musicians who have actively built their careers over the years.

Issues relating to GHAMRO’s royalty system again popped up during KK Fosu’s interview with Abeiku Santana and the ‘Sudwe’ hitmaker shared his experience with it.

According to KK, it is such a pity that even with his flourishing music career, the highest amount of royalty he has received is a ‘chicken change’ of GH¢1,800.

“The highest I’ve received from GHAMRO is GH¢1,800 which is meant for the whole year. It's such a pity and it doesn’t make the work attractive. Joining GHAMRO is even not by force so I have even decided not to be active there,” he told Abeiku on the Atuu Show.

He, however, encouraged his colleagues not to put their eggs in one basket, adding that asides from GHAMRO, he has been signed onto other digital streaming sites where he makes not less than GH¢6,000 every three months.

“Currently, I’m signed onto this digital platform called Ziki media. Every three months, I don’t receive less than GH¢6,000. I’m happy over there and I prefer being there,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale is said to have received the highest amount of paycheck from GHAMRO, being an amount of GH¢30,000.

Meanwhile you can watch the latest, exclusive interview with Black Sherif below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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