Opinions Sat, 4 Aug 2018

The perilous dishonesty of the contemporary insensitive Ghanaian politician

Once upon a time, I shouted on the politicians for and on behalf of the hypocratic oath people. I mean the physicians or the doctor people who are required upon graduating from the medical school to swear, by a number of Greek healing Gods, to uphold specific ethical standards to do everything and anything to protect you and I devoid of bias or discrimination in terms of color, religion, creed, etcetera.

So I shouted... Or should I add that I screamed so loud in the market square that I was nearly mistaken for an asylum down bound patient.

Is a rehash!!!

We all agree that if the document purporting to be what our doctors are demanding for from government, it will be too much for us to bear but as it stands now, it is just a negotiating document or a proposal and nothing else. In any collective bargaining process, there will always be proposals and counter proposals by the parties involved.

Who doesn't know that in negotiation, you don't go to the negotiation table with what you want to get in the end, else you may be disappointed and regret a regrettable regret. The sad thing is that, the politicians have ungratefully breached the confidentiality and ground rules agreement they signed with the doctors by publishing the negotiation document. Once this has been done, there isn't going to be any fair and objective negotiations.

That, because the law says they are offering essential services, they can't embark on strike even when government shows gross disregard and disrespect to their conditions of service. They should keep quiet and work till death whilst government and its hired foot soldiers enjoy the huge pegs and feed on our money "nyafo nyafo" like nobody's business.

We will all appeal to them to return to work and save the lives of the many poor people who can't afford private medical services or overseas medical treatment incase they fall sick. That is why we hate it so much when government decides to act as if they are intentionally pushing our doctors into collective servitude and slavery just because the labour law classifies them as essential service providers that makes the same government blatantly treat them "essential slaves". A very nauseating posture by the government!

Even some of those guys without a single brown cement paper (certificate) under their armpits are chopping "better Ghana" everyday and yet they expect these doctors to look on!

When ministers without portfolios and some parliamentarians without "brown cement paper" are making it so fast in life, the doctors are supposed to be watching!

When the ministers born before computers are building mansions and buying big cars, the doctors are just supposed to sit down and watch on!

When the boys boys who seem to be showing close to courtesies like Stan Xoese Dogbe, Solomon Nkansah e.t.c. are driving V6 and V8 vehicles and drawing free fuel, the doctors are supposed to sit, cross, and fix their arms in between their thighs and watch on!

When the doctors see ministers who never had any previous working experience becoming rich overnight and owning several business interests, fuel stations and so on, they expect them to sit down and watch on!

When the doctors see sometime ago taxi drivers from streets of London become their ministers and make it big..... continue for me!

Even when the doctors have become aware that that the politicians can always get money to win by-elections but cannot pay health workers.... continue for me!

When the doctors have come to realise that the politicians will insult every professional institution but beg foot soldiers....!

It is easy and very normal for a dumb ignorant politician to become rich overnight but not a doctor or any other professional. What insolence! What impudents!

No matter how fierce and insulting the government's errand boys become, and no matter how frequent they leak official confidential negotiating documents, the government on one-side and the doctors on the other, their evil machinations will not work. Ghanaians will not be hoodwinked into believing or seeing the doctors as evil men and women. No matter the propaganda against the doctors, still no shaking!

Let these errand boys publicly publish what they get from our tax money for doing nothing for us, their fat salaries, their houses, security, cars, police guards and all the pegs they get and think they alone deserve it and not the doctors. If, even you the goose are enjoying, how much more the gander!

In all these, where is Hon. Omane Boamah and why is he not speaking? Was this not the same platform of fighting for the welfare of doctors that propelled him to political prominence? We know he has fully been co-opted into politics but what is not clear is if he has been corrupted. He should be speaking!

It is unfortunate our system now rewards insulting behavior over professionalism, pays talkatives (excluding lecturers and teachers) other than workers. Otherwise, how could these errand boys have such insatiable thirst for insulting every professional who ask for his due or complaints about living conditions?

Finally, if the law says the doctors are rendering essential services, governments must begin to treat them as essential professionals and not essential slaves. They shouldn't do the donkey work whilst the government appointees do all the chopping. Na lie!

The doctors are certainly not blind, they are not deaf and dumb neither are they mad, they see the recruitment through to employment of the politicians from their first year to their retirement after four years...

Please forgive my ignorance for it won't happen again.

Columnist: Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed