The resurrection of Christ signifies the end of your woes- Rev. Kwofie

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Mon, 18 Apr 2022 Source: GNA

Reverend Isaac Kwofie, Cape Coast Resident Pastor of Action Chapel International, has told Christians to be steadfast with the conviction that the resurrection of Christ is the end of their woes.

He noted that apart from salvation, Jesus Christ, the lamb of God, was slain to restore calm, bring peace and ensure that all who were heavily burdened saw a relief of their worries.

“Have the trust and make the resurrection of Christ more relevant, believing that pain may last for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” he added.

He was speaking on theme, “essence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ” at a church service on Easter.

Reverend Kowfie said Jesus' mission was to come on earth to reunite all with God through the ultimate sacrifice which is his own life.

He said no one could ever live a life worthy of God’s expectations on their own, Jesus lived a life without sin on man's behalf and died the painful death for their sins.

“Why would you think somebody would send his only son to suffer such a painful fate? Why did Jesus actually have to die for us? We have to appreciate this great sacrifice and make it relevant” he charged all.

The resident pastor, said Christians must not set their hearts on accumulating power and wealth for themselves else they would be too darkened by sin to find their way back to God on their own.

He said, “Yet, despite our flaws, God loves us and wants us to be reunited with him. Jesus, God’s Son, came to earth to make our reconciliation with God possible, hence, his death.

“Now, as He has risen, go and sin no more and you will witness an unmatched power of God’s grace upon your lives, and you will never be the same,” he added.

Rev. Kowfie said, “Christ's gift given can never be taken away, it will never lose its power, and it will never cease to exist, new life in Christ is the best gift we can ever receive.”

Source: GNA
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