These are matters of public record – Sammy Gyamfi replies ET Mensah over Saglemi Housing project

National Communication Officer Of NDC, Sammy Gyamfi Sammy Gyamfi, the Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress

Wed, 4 Aug 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

•ET Mensah claims Sam George peddled lies in his comment on the Saglemi Housing suit

•He says the initial plan included electricity, sewage and things, contrary to Sammy Gyamfi's claims

Sammy Gyamfi has referred him to his own documents

Sammy Gyamfi, the Communications Officer of the National Democratic Congress, has issued a quick response to assertions by former Minister of Works and Housing, Enoch Teye Mensah (E.T. Mensah) that he (Sammy Gyamfi) peddled falsehood in his take on the charges levelled against Alhaji Collins Dauda by the state.

Mr Mensah who featured on Tuesday's edition of the Good Morning Ghana said that claims by Sammy Gyamfi that the initial plan for the construction of the Saglemi Housing Project did not include certain elements.

“Everything is not true, it is packed with lies. You [host of the programme] should have alerted me, I would have come with the handover notes. The project started when the STX became a fiasco. It was Mills’ project, he was the one who signed and gave the approval,” he said.

But in a sharp rebuttal, Sammy Gyamfi said that his remarks on the issue are from documents that are in the public domain.

Sammy Gyamfi insisted his assertions are nothing but the fact which can be validated with documents.

“The issues about the “Saglemi” Housing Project which are being disputed by Hon. E.T Mensah are well-documented matters of public record. Facts are sacrosanct, and same shall be laid bare to settle all the issues in contention” he posted on Facebook.

Sammy Gyamfi in a lengthy epistle defending Collins Dauda said that the hike in the valuation of the Saglemi Housing Project was because certain amenities such as electricity, drains, sewage systems etc were not catered for in the initial design.

“It is instructive to note, that the Minister of Works and Housing at the time, Hon. E.T Mensah informed Parliament during the debate on the approval of the loan facility, that the 5000 housing units will not be built at a go, but rather over a period of time, that is, in phases. This is captured in black and white in the Parliamentary Hansard of 23rd October, 2013.

“Subsequent to the grant of Parliamentary approval, the Ministry of Works and Housing under Hon. E.T Mensah prepared and executed a Works Agreement with the Contractor for the project, Construtora OAS Limited. It is in the Works Agreement that government decided to build the 5000 housing units in 4 phases. The consultant for the project was AESL. Note that Parliament had already approved the loan agreement, and therefore the Works Agreement which was an issue of implementation by the Ministry was not required to be approved by Parliament.

“Under the Works Agreement, Government was supposed to provide a serviced plot of land with roads, water, electricity, drains, sewage systems and other ancillary facilities for the smooth takeoff of the project, the cost of which had not been factored into the amount of $US200 million approved by Parliament for the project. Since government did have any funds to fall on to discharge these responsibilities, the decision was taken by the ministry to use part of the approved amount of the project ($US200 million) for all the necessary ancillary works to pave way for the construction of the housing units and to make the project site a commercially viable and habitable community. This is what informed the decision by the Ministry to do the project in Phases, as the Minister, Hon. E.T Mensah had already intimated to Parliament. Clearly, the 5,000 houses could not be built at a go,” he posted.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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