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This is what Dede Ayew has to say about being Black Stars captain

Black Stars captain, Andre Dede Ayew, says though he has been made leader of the team, the 22 other players are as well captains since a trophy is not won by one captain.

The Fenerbahçe midfielder said football is not a one-man job like boxing and tennis where the outcome depends only on one player.

He said football requires teamwork and that all hands must be on deck.

The newly elected skipper believes they are representing Ghana on the field of play with a certain goal in mind, and that goal is winning the trophy; for that matter, their inability to achieve that goal will mean a total failure.

“Without players there is no captain, you become a captain because of players and because of the squad; football is not like boxing or tennis, you have to do your job and the job is to be done by the whole group,” he stressed.

“Captain has nothing to do with seeing yourself as a different player, you are a football player, you are here to fight and go towards the goal, if you are not able to go towards that goal, then you haven’t done anything,

“My job is to unite everyone, to go to this tournament with a lot of determination with a fighting spirit and love; we are going to have 23 captains, we don’t win a trophy with one captain so we need everyone to take responsibility on the pitch and off the pitch,” he stated in an interview with Joy Sports.

Ghana is paired with defending champions Cameroon, Benin and Guinea Bissau and would open its campaign against Benin on Tuesday, June 25.

Source: adomonline.com
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