General News Fri, 17 May 2019

Tidal waves destroy 20 houses at Shama-Anlo beach

Residents whose houses survived the tidal had sand blocking their doors

Over twenty houses at Anlo Beach in the Shama District have been destroyed by tidal waves.

As a result of the tidal waves, wells in the community have also become salty making it undrinkable.

Residents who spoke to Citi News want an immediate supply of fresh water and eventual relocation of the community to a new site.

Residents whose houses survived the tidal waves were seen digging out the sand in order to create access to their rooms.

Elizabeth Bedema whose door was blocked by sand as a result of the sand storm brought by the tidal wave told Citi News she struggled to get out with her children.

“I was with my children in this room when the tidal waves started coming in. We couldn’t even get out of the room because of the sandstorm that had blocked the door until we started shouting help from neighbours who came and cleared the sand from behind the door, as you can see from the level of the sand on the wall.”

Lazarus Azorga told Citi News his family has become homeless.

“The tidal wave has destroyed my house and I don’t have a place to sleep with my children. We are really suffering as I am perching with somebody who is not comfortable so we need help”.

The Anlo Methodist Primary school was not spared, the storm ripped off the roof of some classrooms.

The Headteacher, Bernard Fuga, said the tidal wave has been a nuisance to academic work since both teachers and pupils have to always find shelter.

“We have complained to the Metro Education office and the Shama District Chief Executive who have both sent officials to see our situation but yet to get solution to our plight”

The tidal wave did not only bring down houses but also polluted the only source of drinking water in the community. Kweku Nelson who is a resident said they need fresh water.

The well serves the hundreds of people in this community but the tidal wave which pushed see water throughout the community has polluted the well, making it salty. We need fresh water immediately and a pipe-borne”.

This is not the first time Shama-Anlo-Beach has been hit by a destructive tidal wave.

Between 2017 and 2018, over a hundred and 40 households were swept into the sea, making the occupants homeless. An opinion leader, Afo Kennedy said about 100 people have been affected.

“This time around we don’t need relief items from the NADMO but we just want to be relocated to the new site”.

The District Chief Executive of Shama, Joseph Amoah was not available to comment but the Assemblyman for the Community, Samuel Bolu told Citi News there is a plan for relocation.

“We have acquired a huge plot of land not far from here that has already been surveyed. The People are ready to relocate to the place but need certain social amenities like water, electricity and others in place before they can relocate. The assembly and all stakeholders are aware of this so they are in waiting for this support.”

So far, resident at the Anlo beach say they have made all the necessary calls to get governments attention to their plight but no response is actually coming their way and as long as the tidal wave continues to come, their life would forever be hunted.

Source: citinewsroom.com