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Today in history: NDC tried to trap me with drugs and fine girls – Franklin Cudjoe

In 2018, the President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe accused the National Democratic Congress of trapping him with beautiful ladies and drugs in an attempt to prevent him from doing what’s right.

According to him, the policy think thank, IMANI Africa has over the years been a thorn in the flesh of the opposition party, especially with their watchdog role in society. He believes this was enough motivation for their actions.

Read the story orginally published in 2018 by My News GH below.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) stands accused of using drugs and fine girls to trap civil society group leaders who were a torn in their flesh.

IMANI Africa has been a troublesome ‘watchdog’ for successive governments in Africa and Ghana over the past 14 years of its existence.

Recently, Aplus, NPP activist applauded their consistency with regards to their exposé of alleged corruption in the NPP government led by Akufo-Addo and Bawumia.

Franklin Cudjoe wrote:

“It must be clear now that after 14 years of intellectual power-fired activism, IMANI doesn’t clamour for respect and prestige. We have loads of that from more globally relevant institutions and personalities. We do not need it from local political actors and their blind followers.” He said.

“We are aware of plans to destroy IMANI with all manner of traps to terminate us. One former government appointee once told one of my vice-presidents that they had reached their wits end that the only option was to set us up by putting hard drugs in our travelling luggage. In the heat of the Afriwave Subah battles with the previous NCA, the Directors were heard discussing how to trap me and other male colleagues with nice nice girls.” He revealed.

“I believe this because one very fine girl came asking to volunteer freely for IMANI around the time. I asked her to volunteer for IMANI from home. And the conspiracy continues under the current administration. We have heard about all the plots. But we have also heard about calls for truce. In Ghana, we just want to be effective against advertised political decay and policy illogicality and we can freakin fry anyone, friends, family that fall foul all because we want to protect the average Ghanaian from creative scams, schemes and ultimate penury. And on that note, I am announcing a hotline ( 0558465611) that anyone can call when they have an issue in their locality, place of work as long as verifiàble schemes to outsmart Ghana is concerned. Please do not only report politicians. We want to know all civil servants scheme too. They are mostly worse.”
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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