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Toilet facility attendant baths customer with excreta over misunderstanding

A latrine attendant at Assin Fosu Pantoase, Kwabena Osei, has allegedly soiled a customer of the facility with human excreta following a misunderstanding that ensued between the two.

According to Daniel Agyapong who is the victim, he had visited the facility a day earlier. He paid the cost for using the toilet and was supposed to receive a change of 50 pesewas, but that was not given to him because the attendant did not have coins.

Due to that, Mr. Agyapong decided to use the facility on Friday morning to clear the change. The suspect who was not at post during the first visit insisted that the victim pays before using it. This led to a protracted argument.

Mr. Osei succeeded in preventing Mr. Agyapong from using the facility even after an eyewitness decided to pay the 50 pesewas for the victim.

“I thought he was messing around with me when he told me to wait and see. In no time, he went home for his gloves, fetched the faeces and smeared me with it,” Mr. Agyapong narrated to Angel News.

The matter has been reported to the Assin Fosu District Police Command but the arrest of the suspect is yet to be effected though he is on the run.

Meanwhile, some eyewitnesses have shared their sight of the incident.

While some mentioned the body parts soiled with the faecal waste, a male resident said when Mr Osei undertook the action, Mr Agyapong decided to retaliate by smashing him with a cement block “but I prevented him from doing it”.

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