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Trending GH: Private workers bemoan poor service conditions

Service conditions of workers in the country have been an issue of concern for years and well, it appears not much has changed. Workers are celebrated yearly on May Day but more often than not, a day assigned for celebration becomes a day for complaining, its actually when workers in various fields bemoan the conditions of service in their workplaces, calling for a change and an improvement.

This year was no different when Ghanaweb joined several workers at the Black Star Square to mark the 2018 worker’s day.

A number of workers were spotted holding placards, challenging government to address some pressing issues facing Ghanaian workers.

Obviously dissatisfied workers, speaking to Ghanaweb, registered their grievances, highlighting challenges such as tyrant bosses and poor financial systems at workplaces.

Workers from both the public and private sector thronged the Independence Square to partake in the Accra version of the 2018 May Day celebrations.

May 1st is marked as a day to celebrate and appreciate the hardwork of workers worldwide.

There has been an agitation within the Trade Union Congress (TUC) with regards to the rise in the change of the status of workers in the private sector from permanent to causal.

This, the TUC describes as unacceptable since contract working limits the benefits and rights of workers under the labour laws of the country.

The Akufo-Addo government has witnessed series of demonstrations from dissatisfied workers on issues bordering on finances and working conditions.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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