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#Trending GH: Residents of Bolgatanga against legalization of LGBTQ+

Correspondence from Upper East:

The debate as to whether to legalize homosexuality or not in Ghana keeps sparking up. Ghanaweb took to the streets of Bolgatanga to solicit the stance of residents on the issue.

Madam Lantana Abu condemned the practice and wondered how such a couple would procreate. She called on the government not to give in to the legalization of homosexuality.

Mr. Eric Asaa also condemned homosexuality outrightly. According to him, they had never heard of such a practice since the time of their forefathers. He was emphatic that homosexuality should never be accepted in Ghana.

Mr Nuhu Mohamed condemned the act of Homosexuality and said it would not be possible to legalize it in Ghana. He questioned how a man would marry his fellow man, and a woman marry her fellow woman.

" And who are those to give birth and who are those to have feelings to themselves?". He questioned.

He cautioned that any government that tried to legalize homosexuality was actually bringing the country under condemnation.

Mr Mohamed noted that as a Muslim, his religion frowned on such an act. He pointed out that his religion was against fornication, talk less of homosexuality.

He called on the government to kick against homosexuality and not legalize it.

A tailor, Robert Atia, was of the opinion that the fact that other countries had legalized homosexuality, should not push us to yield to it as a country.

He condemned the act and questioned how a man could have an affair with a fellow man. He noted that God would have created just Eve or Adam, but because He knew what was good, that was why created both of them.

Watch their reactions below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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