Truck driver swerves road bump, falls into a ditch on the Tema Motorway

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Sun, 24 Apr 2022 Source: SVTV Africa

A truck carrying a container was involved in an accident on the Tema Motorway on Saturday, April 23. There were no casualties.

Two onlookers disclosed that the truck driver veered into the inner lane of the road to avoid a road bump. According to the second interviewee, the driver changes course to avoid crashing into other cars.

“The witnesses are blaming the road bump on this particular stretch of the road. If you are driving at top speed, you will try to come into the inner lane to avoid damaging your tyres.

The drivers who were in front of the truck drove into the other lane causing the truck driver to fall into the ditch,” Stephen explained.

Another witness revealed that the driver was transported to the hospital in a towing truck. The driver escaped unhurt. According to the witness, police officers came immediately after the incident happened.

Watch the video below:

Source: SVTV Africa
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