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Tsikata: A Perfect Definition of God’s Servant On Earth

By Diboriyom Kasim Hassan

On the night of 22nd June 2013, I walked into a shell Mart to buy some items and while going round, I noticed a Daily Graphic publication with banner headline “Five Years On –His Mercies Never Fail” a quote specifically referring to Lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata. I couldn’t help but to grab it and after reading his narrative carefully, the ink of my pen writes.

Honestly, I have never written anything on politics all my life. In fact, I don’t like politics and some politicians; if not for the likes of Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela, I would have cursed politics.

Admittedly, 18th June 2008 was a black day in the history of Ghana’s judiciary when Lawyer Tsikata was wrongly convicted; it was the day my heart bled in agony for our country’s young democracy.

Indeed, it was a black day because a judge told a defendant in a case in the absence of his lawyer to defend himself, knowing very well that a data of judgment was always made known to a defendant. That was really gross exhibition of unprofessionalism by the judge and I’ll advocate that her name be pasted on the wall of MUSEUM OF SHAME; she really embarrassed the institution of justice by her action and inaction. Sentencing Lawyer Tsikata rather exalted his name and many believed that he was only a victim of circumstance in that house of pain [Nsawam Prison]. He was a role model as I have been reliably informed by one of the inmates who made Lawyer Tsikata his minaret whenever things seem dark to him.


In that write-up in the Daily Graphic, Lawyer Tsikata considered his release as a miracle. I cannot but agree entirely with his assertion, for God will never forsake a soul that turns to Him when that soul is cheated. That particular judge who incarcerated him should know that one day she’ll stand before the judge of all judges to account for her stewardship.

To Lawyer Tsastu Tsikata, the Lord of Paul and Silas sent that ray of shine in that darkness to show you the way. Nonetheless, I will liken you to Joseph in the Quran whose blood brothers conspired against him; persecuted him and he eventually suffered in prison.

May the Lord guide your steps and may His glory and blessings be your portion in life till your last day on earth. My greetings to you and your noble family; Yes! Five Years On –His Mercies Never Fail.

The writer is an Islamic Scholar and a Gender Advocate based in Tamale. Anyone with views or comments can reach him via +233 243878773.

Columnist: Hassan, Diboriyom Kasim