Twene Jonas is being controlled by a demon, he’ll soon go mad – Popular Pastor claims

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Wed, 16 Jun 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• According to a pastor, Twene Jonas’s constant rants on social media is because he is controlled by the devil

•The popular pastor has predicted that if Twene Jonas doesn’t desist from insulting elders, he might run mad

• The U.S-based Ghanaian commentator has been labeled as disrespectful by the pastor

Head Pastor of the New Life Kingdom Chapel International, Bishop Stephen Akwasi Appiah, popularly called ‘Jesus Ahoufe’ has alleged that popular government critic and social commentator, Twene Jonas, is possessed by a demon.

The U.S-based Ghanaian social commentator has been in the news for constantly criticizing Ghanaian leaders over what he says is their failure to ensure efficient and adequate national growth that benefits the average citizen.

With his heavy criticisms of the Ghanaian government coupled with a harsh tone and abusive language, Twene Jonas has divided opinions over his method of social commentary.

The latest to join the host of individuals criticizing him is the popular Ghanaian pastor who thinks his constant rants on social media is triggered by a demon.

“Twene Jonas is being controlled by a demon. The fact that he is disrespectful to everyone even proves it. Anybody who carelessly insults elders is being controlled by the devil. His end will be very bad. He is a fine gentleman but he will die in a sad way. Its only prayers that can save him,” he stated in an interview with Classfm’s Nana Romeo.

“We’ve all traveled to the states before but we don’t behave like the way he does. U.S.A established its states about 500 years ago. We are not their equals so you can’t be comparing them to us. You can criticize us but once you start to insult, it becomes offensive,” he added.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com