General News Sat, 31 Mar 2018

Two injured as NPP members trade blows over School Feeding Programme

One of the injured from the attack at Nyanyano Health Centre


Two people have been injured and receiving treatment at Nyanyano Health Centre in the Gomoa East District of the Central Region after New Patriotic Party (NPP) polling station executives allegedly attacked school feeding caterers of Nyanyano Kakraba Zion ‘A’ Basic school.

Local reports say some members of the NPP, led by Zion ‘A’ polling station women’s organizer, Theresa Ansah stormed the kitchen of the School Feeding caterers and warned them to stop cooking.

After quenching the fire, one of the furious caterers, Abraham Dzikunu, allegedly gave one of the NPP members a blow, causing him to bleed from his nose.

In a quick turn, the NPP member also grabbed a stirring stick (Banku Ta) lying nearby and hit him in the head.

In an interview with Adom News’ Kofi Adjei, the women’s organizer, Madam Ansah said they would not allow the headmistress, Madam Mercy Tetteh to cook since she is not known in the polling station.

One of the NPP members alleged that the headmistress cooking the food for the students has not been authorized to do so.


He continued that several warnings have been issued to Madam Tetteh but she has failed to heed to any of them.

Meanwhile, some of the caterers who are working with the headmistress also confirmed that they have never been cautioned or asked to stop working for the headmistress so they could not fathom why the NPP members would storm their premises with such fury.

Meanwhile, Abraham Dzikunu, whose head was hit with the stick and receiving treatment said the Headmistress didn’t help them during the campaigns in the general elections so they didn’t understand why she has been appointed to do that job.

“He is called Kobby he told me to stop. When I stopped he used the Banku Ta to hit my head. I have made a report. This is one constituency and people need to know who is working there. When we got there they were doing the food in the school madam’s house.

“But we were wondering how they were cooking in her house even though she claimed earlier she doesn’t know the one who does the cooking…”

“They have not done anything. They came to give us morning. We have not seen them before. They threatened us to stop cooking. So one of the boys called Kobby put the food on fire but I didn’t mind them. One of the women got angry asking him why he was videoed. So he gave a punch and there was blood oozing from his nose. So with anger he also took the Bankuta and hit his head with it…” he said.

Source: adomonline.com