Health News Mon, 10 Feb 2020

UGMC risks losing government's financial clearance

The University of Ghana Medical Centre is struggling to recruit highly skilled specialists and consultants to manage the facility.

The danger here is that the hospital may lose government's financial clearance by next month if they are unable to attract the needed personnel.

So far, out of over one thousand personnel needed only three hundred and five have been recruited for the referral centre.

Chief Executive Officer of the 600-bed facility, Dr Darius Osei told members of Government Assurance Committee that they in serious search of required personnel before the financial clearance expires.

"We are still looking for the special core persons which are the specialist and consultants. So these expectations are to fill in those vital areas. If we wanted to just fill it we would have done it easily because the demand is very high but specifically we need certain persons who will be relevant to our course".

The government in September 2019 gave clearance for the employment of some 2,000 health personnel for the Medical Centre.

In 2018 the government officially opened the out-patient Department (OPD) and Administration Unit of the 650-bed facility University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC).

Dr Osei, however, has said the University of Medical Center will be in full operation in March 2021.

He noted that the vision of the centre is to give out first-class healthcare training and research to its citizens, adding that the government of Ghana owes 60 per cent whiles the University of Ghana owes 40 per cent.

He said the centre is partnering Ambulance services to pick up patients directly from home.

Source: Prime News Ghana
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