Ulterior agenda of #FixTheCountry movement becoming clearer - NPP MP

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Sat, 4 Jun 2022 Source: peacefmonline.com

Member of Parliament (MP) for Afigya Kwabre North, Collins Adomako Mensah has warned the conveners of the June 4th demonstration against advancing their plans to embark on an armed protest.

The organizers have been restricted by the Police after seeking to carry guns with them and use private security as well as address the nation on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, the State-owned media.

The conveners wrote a letter to the Police saying "we will bring our own security company to provide protection to demonstrators. All weapons held by demonstrators or by the contracted security personal will be for personal protection only; and all weapons will be duly permitted in accordance with the Arms and Ammunitions Act, 1972 (NRCD 9) e) Proposed route and destination: We expect that the Demonstrators will gather at Circle".

"The procession will move from Circle to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, where the Protestors will make a demand a slot on GTV to speak directly to the Nation and lay out our grievances, in accordance with Article 55(11), which guarantees fair opportunity to Ghanaians to present their programmes to the public through equal access to the state-owned media."

Contributing to Peace FM's "Kokrokoo" Friday morning, Hon. Collins Adomako Mensah found the demands inimical to Ghana's democracy.

To him, the organizers have exposed their real intent behind the Fix The Country agenda.

He opined that they are hiding in the cloak of the FixtheCountry Movement to disrupt the country's democracy and also believed that the demonstrators may carry guns with them if granted the right to demonstrate.

"It is becoming very clear the agenda that they have...We cherish our democracy. Everyone knows we are having challenges in Ghana but at least we wake up in the morning with some comfort. At least, if not for nothing at all, we get up with some comfort...We can't allow just two or three or four people who have opportunity to get a microphone to push everybody to a certain angle", the MP warned them against wreaking mayhem in Ghana.

Watch his submission below:

Source: peacefmonline.com
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