Unique Insurance launches ‘Brakes May Fail, Our Insurance Doesn’t' campaign

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Tue, 26 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Insurance has been made easy, thanks to the introduction of ‘Asantewaa’ by Unique Insurance Company Limited.

With the mantra ‘Brakes May Fail, Our Insurance Doesn’t’, Unique Insurance Company Limited set up the chatbox to go the extra mile to prioritise the welfare of existing policyholders and potential ones. With Asantewaa, one can sign up, pay for a policy, as well as make enquiries without any fuss.

Managing Director of Unique Insurance, Victor Obeng-Adiyiah, said the company seeks to provide quality insurance solutions for several of its clients and to be two steps ahead of any unexpected event such as COVID-19.

“It’s more about reliability. We want to compare our insurance with the brakes. When the brake fails, the driver is not able to apply the brakes and that is when Unique Insurance comes in. We are more reliable than brakes. Unique Insurance is always there.”

He added, “A lot of companies are now coming up technologically because of COVID. I must say Unique Insurance saw it coming. So we were already digitized. We have a few people in our offices but as soon as you hit our sweetheart, Asantewaa you are good to go. Asantewaa is now the main contact person for Unique Insurance. Anywhere you are, through email, any social media platform, you make a phone call, Asantewaa will be there to provide any help you need.”

Head of Marketing at Unique Insurance, Gifty Owusuwaa Darko, however, noted that although the company is keen on digitization, it is well equipped with well-trained staff who are reliable and render top-notch services.

“We have also digitized our operations. We have people who are well trained. We have trained them such that, their response rate to your queries are top-notch… When it comes to Unique Insurance, we are not going to delay you, we are not going to stretch you. We make sure you are paid on time.”

Touching on the types of insurance policies, Unique provides; Motor Insurance which covers third-party, third-party fire and theft insurance, comprehensive insurance; Marine Insurance Policy, Fire Insurance and other policies.

Despite some assertions that insurance companies delay in payment of claims, one of the qualities Unique Insurance can boast of is the prompt payment of claims. This includes Minor Motor Comprehensive claims which are paid within two hours.

“The founding fathers of this company set it up to make sure that when it comes to claim payment they were going to be unique. People can attest to the fact that whenever it comes to payment of claims, we mean genuine claim, we pay them promptly. We are in competition, but our service makes us different. All minor claims are paid within 2 hours,” the Managing Director noted.

Unique Insurance Company Limited has been in existence for the past 20 years and has its founding members from the Teachers Fund of GNAT, some affiliate Unions of the Trade Union and some high net worth individuals.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com