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Vice-Chancellor of UG calls for Ivy League-style categorization of Ghanaian universities

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Ebenezer Oduro Owusu, has called for the classification of universities in the country into tiers to separate the strong from the weak.

He made the demand when the acting secretary of the National Accreditation Board (NAB), Dr. Kingsley Nyarko, paid a courtesy call on him.

According to him, there could not be an equal measure for all universities in the country, adding that “lumping universities together doesn’t help because their functions are not the same and their lines of responsibilities and specializations vary”.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized that most countries in the world have top-notch universities that promote them on the global stage hence Ghana can also emulate the concept.

“Ivy League universities such as Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are the pride of the US and the UK can equally boast of Oxford University and Cambridge as one of the top universities”.

He added that those universities [the UK and US universities] are the pride of their countries hence Ghana can adopt the same system of categorization.

“If Ghana is having about 240 tertiary institutions, we cannot lump all of them together and say we are going to have unified conditions of service for all of them. When you do that you are punishing certain universities and giving undue advantage to others,” he noted.

“More top universities will collapse since a gradient will be set up with people moving from the top universities to smaller universities because conditions are the same everywhere,” he noted.

He said the top rank universities were the face of the country and so there was the need to maintain that.

Source: adomonline.com
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