Visual Art course, students are usually tagged as ‘not good intellectually’ – Trash 4 Art CEO

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Tue, 10 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Essilfie Banton, an artist transforming random waste into art, has bemoaned the situation where students who study visual arts in various Senior High Schools are usually undermined.

According to the artiste who doubles as a teacher at the Mpraeso Senior High School, there is the perception that people who perform terribly in their Basic Education Certificate Examination are made to study Visual art.

“The visual art class is full of people who sometimes are considered as not good intellectually. You write BECE and they check your result and it’s like if your grade is bigger than your age, you have to go and do visual arts,” he noted.

According to him, individuals are talented in various ways and it takes their trainers or teachers to identify these gifts and groom them.

Essilfie added that the misconception about art and students who pursue art had some sort of influence on his journey. He noted that, initially, his parents were not in support of the idea, making him toe the line of teaching before veering into his dream profession; art.

He studied General Arts in Senior High School with his electives being, Government, Economics, Christian Religious Studies, and Twi and continued in a teacher training college. He veered into art while pursuing his master’s degree.

He added that he wants to change the perception people have about art and persons who pursue art.

Essilfie Banton now turns trash into art worth millions of cedis.

Speaking to host, Wonder Ami Hagan on People & Places, he added that his path of art is his way of solving a societal problem, according to him, improper disposal of waste is one of Ghana’s biggest problems.

Watch the full interaction on People&Places below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com