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We are focused for the job – Atsu

Black Stars' gifted midfielder, Christian Atsu, says he and his colleagues are focused on today's game with Portugal despite the crisis which has hit the team in the past few days.

He said knowing the importance of the game to the nation, all the players have decided to play their hearts out to ensure victory over the Portuguese.

"There are a lot of issues that have come up but we the players are focused on today's game. We had a meeting and know this game is very important for our nation that we need to win this match,' the gifted player said at a press conference in Brasilia yesterday.

“Our captain spoke with us and we are focused on the game because we know it is important for all Ghanaians and all the players,” he disclosed.

The Vitesse Arnhem midfielder, who had great performances against both USA and Germany, said the Stars were motivated to beat Portugal because if they lost an erroneous impression would be created that they were beaten because of money issues.


“It will be bad if we lose because people will assume it is because of the money. We took a decision and now we've resigned from that. We're in the biggest tournament in the world now, so even if we don't get the money the whole world is watching us.”

According to him, today's game will be an emotional one for him because of the respect he has for Cristiano Ronaldo-led Portugal.

“I respect that team very much. They have great players. In football a lot of great players come from Portugal.

'It will be an emotional thing for me playing against Portugal. I respect Portugal greatly,'' he concluded.

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