We are here to build bridges and a new future for Africans – Costa Rica’s Vice President

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Mon, 25 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Barr says leaders of African descent must work together for Marco Gabby’s dream of a united Africa

Our ancestors were snatched from Africa 500 years ago – Vice president of Costa Rica

We have to work together for a new future of quality wellbeing and decent lives – Barr

Costa Rica’s Vice President, Epsy Campbell Barr, has urged leaders of African descent to work together to achieve the dream of Pan Africanist Marco Gabby, of having the people of African descent united.

Cambell Barr indicated that, Africans in the diaspora are committed to achieving this dream and will work together with Africans to help improve the livelihood of every African.

The vice president of Costa Rica, who made these remarks at an event to mark the return of Africans from the diaspora indicated that, African diasporans are excited to be back to contribute their quota for the development of the African people.

“… 500 years ago, our ancestors were violently snatched from this continent, today we return to reunify, to recognise our culture and our history and to advance for the right we claim. Millions of people of African descent hope that those of us in leadership positions can unite to work toward the great dream of the Pan Africanist Marco Gabby that the black people of all over the world should work united.

“We are part of the dreams of a million of African descent in all parts of the world. We are here to build a new future together of quality wellbeing and decent lives for all the people in Africa and all the people of African descent. We come to build bridges and to meet again and build a new history. Today is very important for me not only as a daughter of Africa but because we have the opportunity to be part of those who write this new history,” she said.

She added that the African diaspora has no choice but to help with the development of the African continent, saying “those of us who are part of the African diaspora understand that our only option is to work together as African people.”

Also, Barr said that the group of diasporans felt at home because of the joy with which they were received.

She also commended all women for their contribution to the development of the African continent.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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