We are working with FDA to check import of unwholesome products - Association

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Wed, 8 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Porous borders are the main cause for illegal imports

FDA warns of expired products pending Christmas

GRA to ban products without tax stamps from the market

Executive Director of the Food and Beverage Association, Samuel Aggrey has stated that the association is embarking on increased surveillance to guard the import of food and beverages into the country as the festive season beckons.

The Food and Drugs Authority earlier warned consumers to be on the lookout for products that have expired as some unscrupulous persons have intentions of flooding the market with them as the year comes to an end.

It is in this light that, the food and beverage association is scaling up efforts to check and stop these products from entering the market.

Speaking on the Marketplace on JoyNews, Samuel Aggrey stated that “So far we have been able to police a lot of things that are coming in, in conjunction with the FDA to ensure that those who are bringing in unscrupulous imports are really dealt with and also to ensure that the association members also, what they are coming in with for the Yuletide and what they are coming into the system with are wholesome for consumption.”

On whether, global food prices have any effects on Ghana, he said, “we don’t have large demands like those in Europe but due to the fact that most of our imports are from the European countries, whatever affects them affect us too".

He lamented the porosity of Ghana’s borders saying, “the challenge is with those who are coming into the country through our porous borders. But the surveillance is there, those who are bringing in products being imported and being manufactured locally will not have a field day because if you bring in those products especially the excisable ones you may not find a way to bring them to the market, because the GRA is also there to pick up those products. Ourselves when we find it, we will alert the GRA so they do the proper thing”.

He continued to say that even though the association is not fully in support of the tax stamp, imports cannot be allowed to come into the country without the right porous.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com