‘We don’t feel safe’ – Residents of Yilo Krobo, Lower Manya to govt

Yilo Resident.png One of the residents who spoke with GhanaWeb

Tue, 6 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Correspondence from Eastern Region

• Residents of Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo have expressed their anxiety over the numerous crimes happening in the country

• According to them, their lives are in danger

•They have called on the government and security agencies to come to their aid

Ghana has seen a rising spate of crime, military/civilian clashes, and general insecurity in various parts of the country within the last few weeks.

While some of these incidents have resulted in deaths, other victims sustained various degrees of injuries while yet others remain in critical conditions.

Many are those who have therefore expressed varying sentiments on the issue.

While most Ghanaians have had cause to doubt their safety whether in or out of home, others still speak to the contrary as they believe these are only isolated cases and that Ghanaians are generally safe.

GhanaWeb, therefore, stepped onto the streets of Lower Manya Krobo and Yilo Krobo, both in the Eastern Region to interact with and gauge the general mood of the people during these current times.

Chief of Suisi Okuenya, Nene Olepeme Sakinor Nanor I, told GhanaWeb in an interview that he did not feel safe due to the general sense of insecurity in the country.

He wondered how the ordinary Ghanaian felt when even he the chief felt unsafe.

“For me, I’ll say no; I don’t feel safe. Though I’m a chief, I don’t feel safe and if I being a chief do not feel safe, then what about the ordinary people?” he quizzed.

The chief who was once a target of an alleged assassination attempt noted that urgent steps must be taken by the government to ensure that all Ghanaians felt safe enough to go about their day-to-day activities.

“Something must be done now, not tomorrow. So, I’ll plead with the security officers, especially the IGP and other security agencies so that together we can drive away these evil people for the country to be safe,” he added.

Rosemond, a nurse also narrated how armed thieves once confronted her while on her way home from work.

That incident coupled with recent developments has left her unsecured, fearing that similar attacks could come on her.

“I once closed from work around 7:30 pm. On the streets, two boys attacked me and asked me to bring my phone. So out of fear, I had to give my phone to them because one had a knife in front of me, with the other holding a gun behind me,” she narrated.

She added: “I’m so worried because these days when you are going out to work, even in the night you’re coming, you’re scared because the state of insecurity is very high. Our people and the guys here don’t involve themselves in criminal activities so I would have loved that there would be police personnel around or soldiers around that will be monitoring our movements so that we’ll feel a little bit safer in this country.

Lovina, midwife explained to GhanaWeb that her profession requires her to close late on particular days and her worst fears include bandits accosting her on her way home from work on one of such days.

She said, “I don’t really feel safe. With recent happenings, I don’t think I’m safe because you go to work, you close late. And then you’re not too sure of yourself, you don’t know who you’re meeting, going home alone, no light on the streets, and other things so I think I’m not safe.”

A catechist with the Holy Trinity Catholic Church at Agomanya, Mr. Peter Kweku Lamptey doesn’t feel safer either. Though he hasn’t experienced any attacks before, the 63-year-old says he fears for his life anytime he steps out of his house.

“I don’t feel safe because of the attacks on the people; I fear that people may attack me, beat me, or even kill me so my life is not safe if I go out,” he told GhanaWeb.

Grace Tetteh, a resident added: I don’t feel safe in my own town, not at all. There’s a lot I’ve been hearing and some I’ve seen. Theft issues, murder issues which put fear in me.”

To safeguard her life and property, she said she never walks home alone after closing from work.

They, therefore, called on the government and the security agencies to ensure that more security personnel are deployed into the communities to ensure that lives and properties are protected.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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