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We'll abandon NPP if 'corrupt' Bole-Bamboi DCE is reappointed - Group

Some Branch Executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party in Bole-Bamboi constituency of the Savannah Region are calling on president Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo-Addo to rescind any plans of reappointing the incumbent District Chief Executive, Madam Veronica Alela.

Whilst appreciating the fact that the president has the sole right under the constitution to appoint whoever he deems fit to occupy the high office of MMDCE of the various assemblies, the polling station executives cum youth cautioned that any attempt to retain Veronica Alela as District Chief Executive for the Bole-Bamboi District would cause them to divorce the party and its related activities in the area.

In a press release signed by R. K. Awudu, the convernor of all youth groups and polling station executives from the Bole-Bamboi constituency and copied to this writer, the executives maintained among other things that the incumbent DCE since assumption of office has been an embodiment of corruption and an implementor of numerous anti-government policies.

The release noted that the tenure of office of the DCE has been marred with the award and backdating of contracts without budgetary approval from the assembly and also refusal to pay former assembly members their ex-gratia, adding that, the future and continuous sacrifices of the youth for the party would be determined by the reappointment or otherwise of the DCE into office.

Excerpts from the press release reads:

"We the youth groups and polling station executives across the Bole-Bamboi constituency disagrees with the president to re-appoint Veronica Alele for us as district chief executive again. And below are our reasons;

•Veronica Alele since her assumption of ofice in 2017 has been an anti government policy implimentor

She has refused to continue the College of Education project which the youth of bole-bamboi will benefit from.

•She has also refused to seek accreditation for our only government Technical School in Bole since 2017".

The group further pointed out that:

"•Veronica Alele is an embodiment of coruption which the president has overlooked.She has not got budgetary approval from the assembly but she has awarded constructs and backdated them.

•She has refused to pay former assembly members their ex-gratia but has found monies to build high standard six bedrooms in her family house.

•It took the youth of bole two days of demonstrations before the assembly fixed the over two years faulty streets lights in bole township and its environs.

•She is one of the president's appointees who moved the fortunes of our party's parliamentary seats from 169 seats in 2016 to 137 seats in 2020 due to her refusal to work with the party's youth, polling station executives, and constituency executives".

The group challenged the DCE to mention a single project she initiated and completed with funding from the District Assembly Common Fund since her assumption of office and maintained that she is never a grassroot person.
Source: Abraham Ananpansah, contributor
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