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We’ll challenge constitutional breaches in creation of new regions – Haruna

The Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, has said President Nana Akufo-Addo appears to be breaching some constitutional processes regarding the intended referendum for the creation of six new regions.

He said even though the NDC is not against the idea, he believes that the government is undertaking the process based on ethnicity and other political motives.

Addressing delegates and candidates at the just ended NDC national youth and women conference, Haruna Iddrisu said the Minority would challenge the decision if the constitutional processes are not adhered to.

“Those of you who listened to the NDC, listened to President Mahama and our manifesto, it was in our manifesto we promised the creation of five regions. He has worked some of the constitutional processes by appointing a respected Supreme Court Judge to lead the process. But distinguished ladies and gentleman, let me state emphatically that the NDC is all for a deeper and deepened decentralization in our country, but certainly not on the basis of ethnicity and not on the basis of other factors that are politically convenient.”

“In creating the regions, they have stated that voting and elections will be done in the affected areas, but the NPP’s narrowed definition of constitutional law is that affected areas are small sections of that region. That is constitutionally wrong, and we will challenge it constitutionally.”


Processes are currently afoot for the creation of six additional regions in the country following a recommendation by a commission of enquiry which handed its report to the president a few months ago.

The 19-member Commission after holding national consultations urged the government to create the administrative regions to be known as Oti, Ahafo, Brong East, Western North, North East and Savanna.

A referendum is expected to be held in the beneficiary areas before the creation.

But some stakeholders in some of the areas especially from parts of the Volta Region, are unhappy with some of the processes.

Togbe Afede on the creation of Oti Region

President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV last week expressed some reservation about the processes adopted for the creation of the new regions but clarified that he is not against the creations.

According to him, his major concerns have been about how to ensure that that process is smooth and does not spark protests and conflicts in the end.

Speaking to Citi News’ Vivian Kai Lokko, he said some have sought to misinterpret his interest in the development as being against the government’s plan to create new regions.

“For the avoidance of doubt, let me state it categorically, Togbe is not against the creation of new regions. People should not divert attention from the truth of what I am looking at and claim I’m against the creation of new regions, no I am not against it.

“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have invited Dan Botwe myself to let him know the issues involved and how to carry all of Volta Along. Questions about the name, the boundary, the capital and the message that will go with it. I’ve tried to support a smooth process for the realisation of the government’s objective,” he said.

Source: citinewsroom.com
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