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Thu, 2 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Past and present governments have failed Ghanaians – Ernesto Yeboah

We are going to revive the country’s democracy - EFL

The NDC boycotting Parliament was a strategy to fail Ghanaians - Fighter General

Commander-in-chief of the Economic Fighters League (EFL), Ernesto Yeboah, has stated that his group will contest in the 2024 elections to rescue Ghana from the two leading parties.

According to him, past and present governments have failed the citizens terribly, and the EFL seeks to change the narrative.

“The best way to expose a glass of dirty water is to place a glass of clean water by it, and so, the Economic Fighters League will offer a platform for those Ghanaians who are of integrity and substance to contest the elections in 2024,” he asserted.

“We aim to fight the battle to rescue the country on two fronts; from the inside and from outside, presenting principled, honest, competent, honest progressive men and women with high integrity to replace the bunch of corrupt, incompetent, self-seeking individuals we currently have in Parliament and have had since 1992,” Ernesto noted.

He made these assertions while addressing the media at a press conference held in Accra.

Commenting on the approval of the 2022 budget statement, Mr Yeboah accused the Minority in Parliament of conspiring with the Majority to impose the controversial 2022 budget on Ghanaians. According to him, “It was a strategic decision to scratch their back because they [Majority] scratched your [Minority] back”.

Ernesto also cited the recent scuffles on the floor of Parliament, saying these parliamentarians, aside from being self-seeking, do not care about the hardships Ghanaians face.

He further stated that the two parties are on a strategic path to harden the woes of Ghanaians by implementing the budget.

“They stabbed us in the back, and that’s precisely what they did,” he lamented.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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