Tabloid News Tue, 22 Jun 2021

Wearing 2nd hand clothes, using dildos lead to spiritual marriage – Spirtualist reveals

Spiritualist and astrologist, Deverishi Das Asamoah also known as the “Indian Priest” has revealed some chilling mysteries that exist in our world today.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the 'Go online' show, the spiritual coach asserted that the world is full of mysteries and not simplistic as we see it hence the need for people to be extremely careful.

He disclosed that people who are fond of wearing 2nd hand clothing are at risk of receiving the excesses of those who first wore it and had spiritual marriages same as those who engaged in homosexuality.

The spiritual coach further explained that anyone who first wears a dress leaves his or her energy into the dress therefore there could be a transfer of spirits to the next person who goes ahead to put on that same dress.

He also added that those who are into the use of dildos and vibrators to satisfy their sexual pleasure are in danger because these items are baits for for spiritual forces to take control over you.
Source: SammyKay Media, Contributor