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What do residents in Sunyani say to the activities of LGBTQ+?

Correspondence from Bono Region

Ghanaians, within this week, continue to express strong opinions, on the shocking news of the invading activities of LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

The people of Sunyani, are of no exception on this trending story of public interest, as they have been sharing their views in the public spaces on this same subject.

The Krontihene of the Sunyani Traditional Council, Oboaman Bofotia Boamponsem on Friday, February 26, 2021, said, the government must not listen to the Western countries on what they say on the activities of homosexuality in Ghana.

''Government must not exchange the integrity of our dear nation just for a deceitful promise of financial support''. To him, ''it is better for Ghana to be in poverty than to legalise this immoral act in Ghana''.

Speaking to Ghanaweb, Oboaman Bofotia Boamponsem stated that ''our forefathers handed down to us beautiful norms, values, customs and traditions that must be protected at all times''. He urged the government to see Ghanaians as unique people and come out with the necessary measures to completely ban the activities of LGBTQ+ in the country.

The Krontihene disclosed that the Sunyani Traditional Council will not tolerate such immoral activity on its land and will take up the necessary action to deal with anyone who is seen to either engage or promote such act in Sunyani.

Lawyer Eric Owusu Sae, a private legal practitioner in Sunyani, attributed the sudden activities of LGBTQ+ in Ghana to poverty. To him, ''the LGBTQ+ community targets those who face difficulties in life and influence them with money to join them''.

Lawyer Owusu Sae said ''our laws on the activities of homosexuality must be put to test to know exactly what our constitution say''. He further entreated the society to treat the activities of gayism and lesbianism as a social disease which needed a collective effort to deal with.

In a brief interaction with some drivers at the Fiapre Station, most of them described the act as ''madness''. Mr Yaw Asiedu said ''i don't understand why a man will choose another man as his wife when there are beautiful women in town''. To Mr Asiedu, if he has the power, he will arrest anyone who is into LGBTQ+ and put them into jail.

At the Fiapre Market, Mrs Akosua Gifty expressed surprised on how a woman will decide to go into lesbianism. She said ''i am a practicing christian and the Bible does not teach me that''. According to Mrs Gifty, ''there is pride and honour as a woman, to marry to a man''. She added that, ''aside giving birth in marriage, there is a real enjoyment in sex''.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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