What law? We applied and paid for cars – Judge shields colleagues after A-G’s report

Justice Scale New Ls The A-G's report cites some judges as having purchased state vehicles through wrong procedures

Wed, 31 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A former President of the Association of Magistrates and Judges, Justice Victor Ofoe has raised questions about the Auditor General’s report on government of Ghana public accounts covering ministries, departments and other agencies (MDAs).

The report which covers the year 2021 cites some 19 judges of Ghana’s superior courts as having purchased state vehicles through irregular processes.

Per the report, the purchase violates Regulation 158 of the Public Financial Management Regulations, 2019 (L.I 2378) which provides that the Principal Spending Officer of a covered entity obtains prior written approval of the minister for the transfer, exchange, sale, donation, contribution in kind, trust and any other disposal of any vehicles of the covered entity.

Per the report, the vehicles which were auctioned by the Service amounted to GHC1,023,507.96.

Speaking in an interview with Joynews however, Justice Victor Ofoe said the Auditor General should have conferred with the Chief of Staff about such purchases considering it’s not a new practice.

Justice Ofoe further noted that there was no wrongdoing if the said judges duly applied for the said vehicles which were auctioned and paid the stated amounts.

“I don’t know under what law he is talking about,” Justice Ofoe told JoyNews.

“Purchase of vehicles has been there for a long time not today. We applied, and they said sell, and we buy. If there is any wrong at all, we applied and they said sell to him. It is valued by the transport office and we pay,” Justice Ofoe stated.

Meanwhile, the Auditor General’s report indicates that the vehicles ought to be recovered.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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