What to do during a fire outbreak

Fire Outbreak At Tip Toe Lane Nkrumah Circle Accra 1 The incidents of fire outbreaks in the country have increased over time

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

•Over a period, Ghana has been recording a spate of fire outbreaks

•These incidents have resulted in the loss of lives and property

•The most recent outbreak in Ghana was recorded at the Makola Market

The incidents of fire outbreaks in the country have increased over time.

While some believe the fire outbreaks could be as a result of human errors, electrical faults, and even arson, there is a growing concern over the menace.

This year alone, Ghana has recorded a spate of fire outbreaks. The latest is that of the Makola Market where owners of shops have had their goods and properties destroyed in a fire that lasted for over 48 hours.

Prior to this, the Malata Market, a section of the Kaneshie Market, and the Odwana market all in Accra, have been engulfed by fire.

While these incidents are said to be under investigation, the Ghana National Fire Service is yet to provide a comprehensive report of these alarming incidents.

But what does one do when there is a fire outbreak to help salvage the situation before the fire service team arrives?

GhanaWeb in the piece has compiled some few tips anyone can adopt in case of a fire outbreak.

- When a fire outbreak occurs, it is first important to pull the fire alarm exit button incase you’re in a building. In the absence of one, it important to seek refuge in a secure place while awaiting emergency response.

- While exiting a building or area that is in flames, it is important to feel any doors for heat before opening them or walking towards a direction. This will ensure that there is no fire or danger ahead on the other side.

- While smoke debris is often associated with fire outbreaks, one must try to stay low to the ground on your head. According to Fire Service and medical experts, this will reduce one’s chances of inhalation exposure which may cause internal damage to human organs.

- The safest option, during a fire outbreak, experts say, is to also keep your hand on the wall to prevent disorientation and crawl to the nearest exit.

- Finally, it is better to lose your property than your life and so it is important to find the safest place and await emergency response.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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