When will it stop – Fire Service bemoans attacks, heckling of its officers in line of duty

Fire Officers Heckled The Fire Service is campaigning against the heckling of its officers at fire scenes

Fri, 28 Jan 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Fire Service officers accused of showing commitment

Fire fighters heckled by public

Fire Service administration wants heckling and assault on officers to end

The Ghana National Fire Service has embarked on a campaign to end what it says a negative behaviour on the part of the public against its officers who report to fire scenes.

In various instances during fire outbreaks, the fire service has been accused of failing to show commitment in discharging their duties.

In a lot of such instances, the fire service has been accused of either reporting too late to fire scenes or reporting with no water or required materials to put out a fire.

But beyond criticism, the public sentiments against the GNFS seem to have grown to become physical as the service is reporting about heckling and manhandling of its officers by members of the public in the course of discharging their duties.

In a recent post on its Facebook page, the GNFS shared a video of some of its officers being heckled and harassed at a fire scene.

“The attacks must stop. When at all is the public going to stop attacking firefighters who come to their aid at the peril of their lives from performing their lawful mandate? The hecklings and man-handlings are unnecessary. Enough of attacks on firemen. These negative behaviours on the part of the public must stop now!” the service wrote.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com