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'Who Watches the Watchman' draws huge crowd

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Hundreds of people turned up yesterday to watch the much-anticipated video by Mr Kennedy Agyapong, NPP MP for Assin Central, that sought to prove that Anas Aremeyaw Anas was corrupt.

Almost every space at the forecourt of the Kencity Media at the Zongo Junction at Madina in Accra where the video was shown was occupied by curious onlookers who thronged the place to watch the other side of the Anas story.

At a point even the Shell Fuel Station near Kencity was occupied by the milling crowd. The footpath and the pavements at the place were all choked as people and vehicles struggled for space.

Some patrons had to stand on top of their vehicles and nearby buildings to catch glimpses of the video, while a number of heavily armed policemen were deployed to maintain law and order.

The video, titled: “Who watches the watchman”, was Mr Agyapong’s response to the Anas exposé on corruption in Ghana’s football administration.

On several occasions, Mr Agyapong has criticised Anas’s method of investigations, describing it as a serious threat to Ghana.

He, therefore, carried his threat to use the video to expose what he described as Anas’s transgressions.


That sentiment was echoed in the video, in which a narrator sarcastically stated that he was hopeful that the allegations of bribery, intimidation and selective naming and shaming levelled against Anas were not true.

The 45-minute video depicted two separate meetings in which a narrator claimed that some of the footages were attempts by Anas to shield certain criminals from facing the law.

In the first meeting, a person alleged to be Anas was seen having a discussion in Hausa with two people who were revealed in the video as Mubarak and Baba Tunde.

Per the information provided in the video, the two were part of an alleged gold scam that reportedly duped a company of $5 million.

Anas, the video claimed, was hired by the company to investigate the scandal and trace the scammers to enable the company to eventually recover the money.


In the video, Mubarak and Tunde seemed to be telling the supposed Anas to skew the investigations in their favour, so that one of their accomplices by name Hafiz would be held accountable for the gold scam.

The supposed Anas was heard reassuring the two people that he would do everything possible to exonerate them, if only they would testify against the said Hafiz.

“What I need you to do is to make a proper confession,” the supposed Anas was heard saying in the video.

Visit to prosecutor

The other meeting captured in the video depicted the supposed Anas meeting with the prosecutor handling the case.


Anas was heard telling the prosecutor that Baba Tunde “bought him (Anas) with $100,000 because he was related to him”.

At that point, the prosecutor asked the said Anas if there was any money for her, to which he answered ‘yes’, saying it was $5,000.

He further revealed that he had bribed Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Mr Adu Poku, a former Director-General of the Police CID, with $75,000 to twist the evidence against Hafiz and in favour of Mubarak and Baba Tunde.

The video ended by alleging that due to Anas’s influence, the prosecutor stopped going to court and the case eventually died.


Some of the people the Daily Graphic spoke to expressed varied opinions on the video.

While some felt that the loud-mouthed legislator only fabricated the video to cover up what Anas had exposed, others believed that the video was true.

Those who believed in the documentary held the view that Mr Agyapong had a track record of exposing rot and other serious issues and cited the Woyome case and some NDC MPs’ double salary saga to support their position.

Source: Graphic.com.gh
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