General News Fri, 17 May 2019

Who is really behind closure of Radio Gold and Radio XYZ?

The Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Constituency in the Eastern region, Mr Ebenezer Okletey Tei-Larbi says the government has something to do with the shutdown of Radio Gold and Radio XYZ.

According to Mr Larbi, the action of the National Communications Authority (NCA) is a deliberate attempt by the government to dissolve stations that are against it.

“If you give a notice to stop operation and the next day you go and shutdown, I believe it is not the best, also I think administratively the letter wouldn’t have gotten to the management on what steps to rectify the problem.

“Government cannot absolve itself from this. Who appointed the Chief Executive Officer or the director of the NCA? It is a deliberate attempt to cow down the media which is supporting those against their government,” he stated on Peace FM, monitored by Adomonline.

He described the manner used to shut down the radio stations as unfortunate and very unnecessary.

“If indeed they wanted to do their job why do it in a Rambo style which is very unnecessary? Why did they go with a group of armed police men as if they do something criminal there?” he asked.

Source: adomonline.com
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