Will LGBTQ+ rights put food on our table? – Rev. Lamptey quizzes CNN

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Sun, 17 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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Head pastor at the Believers House of Worship International, Rev. Abraham Lamptey has accused American media giant, Cable News Network (CNN), of leading an agenda to impede the passing of an anti-LGBTQ+ bill at the expense of reporting on developmental projects.

With Ghana’s Parliament set to debate the now controversial bill, Rev. Lamptey believes CNN is bent on leading a campaign in favour of giving rights to homosexuals in Ghana.

According to him, CNN are more focused on imposing “a messy mission into our peaceful culture” although the African continent begs for more development instead.

Rev. Abraham Lamptey in a recent video available to GhanaWeb, described Kenyan-born CNN reporter Larry Madowo, as a disgrace to Africa.

He said, “You don’t talk about roads that are not being constructed you’re talking about LGBTQ+. Do we need it, will it put food on our table? The guy, Larry, you are a disgrace to Africa. It was like they have written the questions for him to ask, you didn’t research before coming to ask your questions.

“And by the way, CNN, we have places to be developed maybe you haven’t noticed. Come and work there and let the world know what we need not men sleeping with men,” he added.

“That may be your mission but don’t bring your messy mission into our peaceful culture,” Rev. Abraham Lamptey added.

The preacher man also hailed the efforts of MP, Sam Nartey George for distinguishing himself and addressing the issues concerning the bill.

“I want to salute Sam George, he is a lion, and you don’t have to wear a clerical color to have a human conscience. We salute you and continue to pray for you,” the preacher man noted.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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