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Woman rendered cripple for snatching another's husband

Woman crawls on her buttocks for nine months

Married woman confronts husband’s lover

Two trade curses over man

A female resident in the Kumasi Metropolis, Abrafi, has been rendered a cripple in what has been linked to a fight between herself and the wife of her lover.

According to Abrafi, who is a trader, she met a man somewhere last year, who proposed love to her.

She said in an interview on Oyerepa FM that the man, Bra Kwabena, told her he was a divorcee who was still looking for a job as a driver after losing his previous employment. Bra Kwabena, according to Abrafi, promised to help her pay her rent which had expired.

She said that months after being in a relationship with the man, she was one day confronted by a woman who claimed to be the wife of her lover.

Abrafi narrated that she pleaded with the aggrieved wife to forgive her as she was not aware that her lover was a married man.

She stated that the wife of her lover escalated the matter by invoking curses on her for snatching her husband.

She retaliated by also invoking curses on her rival. Abrafi said an intermediary later called for a truce where both parties reversed the curses.


“I was there with Bra Kwabena when his wife came to my house and told me she is his wife so I should stay away from him. I told her (Akua) that I’m 5 months pregnant. She was angry to hear that so she cursed me with ‘Antoa’ and I also cursed her,” Abrafi told Aunty Naa, host of the show.

She however said her lover’s wife later came to her house to remove one of her panties she had dried on a line together with some clothes belonging to her lover.

“Sister Akua came to my house again, took my panties away, I chased her but she managed to escape,” she said.

Abrafi, however, admitted that she was never pregnant although she claimed so during her first encounter with her lover's wife.

She also stated that she has since her last encounter with her rival, she has been down with a mysterious sickness which has rendered her crippled.

“I felt pains in my legs, after Akua’s curse, now I can’t walk. I believe the curse is working so I am pleading with her to forgive me because I am dying,” Abrafi, who now crawls on her buttocks, pleaded in tears.

Later, when the wife of Kwabena Okyere was called on the show, she narrated her ordeal.

“I used to sell fried fish and banku which my husband Kwabena Okyere [and] after I had toiled to prepare the meal, he steals it and gives it to Abrafi. When I confronted her, she rather accused me of being the girlfriend of my husband and invoked curses on me using her hometown river and antoa,” Akua stated.

According to the mother of 8, she has no hand in the current plight of Abrafi, adding that it is rather Abrafi’s own curses that have brought about her predicament.

On the issue of stealing Abrafi’s under garment, Sister Akua said she only sought to take away her husband's clothes which were hanging on the drying line.

“I took my husband’s clothes away and later realized one of her panties was part. I immediately gave it to my husband to return it to her,” she said.

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