Women must marry after 28; married men below 30 will cheat - Lutterodt

Lutterodt Smile Counselor George Lutterodt

Wed, 15 Feb 2017 Source: 3 FM

Controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor, George Lutterodt has stated that marriage can never hold when a woman is below 28 years of age, while a man who is less than 30 years can’t remain faithful when he is married.

According to the self-styled counselor in an interview with 3FM, he said a woman must build her single life before getting married, while a man must be above 30 to have a successful married life.

'A woman must marry after 28. You are not serious to marry below. You need to build a single life. You need to build a standard for yourself. After you build your single life, you can marry to satisfy a man. A man who marries below 30 can’t stay in marriage. A man must be 30 and above before he can stay in marriage otherwise, he will be looking somewhere else to be spoon-fed,' he said.

Source: 3 FM
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