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Worship God not pastors – Clergy tells Christians

The Christian Council and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ghana have slammed pastors who subject some of their congregation to various forms of abuses in the name of spirituality.

In a communique, the clergy admonished Christians to worship God and not pastors who have assumed the authority of Christ and as the object of worship.

Even though the clergy failed to mention names in their communique, the founder and head pastor of God’s Way International Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim was recently in the news for punishing a member of her church who disobeyed his divine revelation.

He allegedly asked the woman to carry a bag of cement and walk over a mile who had failed to stake some lotto numbers he had given her.

The clergy in the communique said, “We have observed with very grave concern various abuses in some worshiping centres in Ghana in the name of spirituality, prophetic revelations and divine intervention. These happenings in the Christian fraternity discredit the Gospel and cause people to despise the positive influence of the Word of God.

“We are concerned that the role of Christianity “as the salt of the earth and light of the world” (cf. Matt 5:13-14) is losing impact as a result of the self-serving practices of some Christian leaders. We abhor such practices and call upon such leaders to tend the flock of the Lord faithfully.

“We therefore wish to draw the attention of Christians and the nation to the following: • No human person or object should take the place of Christ as object of worship.

• Christians should put their faith in Jesus Christ alone to meet all their needs even in times of difficulties.

• Christians and all citizens should cherish the values of hard work, patient endurance, moderation and contentment.

• We call on Christian leaders to intensify the faith formation of their members through teaching of the the Word of God in order to develop sustaining and sincere relationship with God, intimate prayer life and a life of selfless witnessing.”
Source: starrfmonline.com
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