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Year in Review: GhanaWeb programmes in a wrap

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Thu, 30 Dec 2021 Source:

Since the introduction of GhanaWeb TV, it has served its audience variety of programmes, ranging from political, social, business, entertainment, sex and relationship matters and so on.

On the business front, BizTech had several people both those in the known and young entrepreneurs gracing the show.

For people who are in a relationship and need education on matters relating to sex and lifestyle, GhanaWeb TV served you more of these on Moans and Cuddles show

Still on entertainment, there's Talkertainment and Bloggers Forum.

Sports lovers were served exciting sports interviews and updates on the Friday Debate and Sports Check.

On People & Places, our esteemed audience were taken round various parts of the country with beautiful display of culture and tourism.

Other shows that air on GhanaWeb TV are Untold, hosted by Etsey Atisu and The Lowdown chaired by Ismail Akwei Nii Akwei.

Below is a wrap of the programmes. Do enjoy.

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