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Yeete Nsem: Watch Amerado’s 'subtle' response to Asem’s threats

Ghanaian rapper, Amerado has rubbished Asem’s claims of owning the “Yetee Nsem” weekly series concept.

According to Amerado, he is not obliged to seek permission from Asem before producing his weekly news program as he (Asem) demands.

Amerado in 2020 begun his news program, which follows a similar Patten as Asem’s yearly run-up of major Entertainment happenings in a song dubbed Fylla released at the end of the year.

The ‘Give me blow’ hitmaker obviously not happy with the idea, took to social media to vent his dissatisfaction.

“He should have reached out and seeked my blessing before starting his series. It is my concept and I have the patent & copyright to sue him and any media house,” Asem stated

But in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb, Amerado reiterated that the fact that there are some similarities between “Yete Nsem” and “Fylla” does not mean they’re both the same.

“When you have an idea out just as similar as that of another person, they are both not the same. You did yours annually and called it fylla. Mine is on weekly basis. The news that comes up every week does not belong to anybody, it’s not your intellectual property. If Asem feels that whatever that happens to him, then I am wrong. Also, if he still wants to take me to court, then my team will handle that,” he established

Watch the full interview below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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