You are a shameful example of what's wrong in Ghana - FixingTheCountry Movement to Barker-Vomawor

Owusu Bempah Barker.jpeg Convener for Fixing The Country Movement, Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah

Fri, 3 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

FixingTheCountry Movement, a group with affiliations to the governing New Patriotic Party has slammed the convener of the FixTheCountry Movement, Oliver Barker-Vomawor over his intentions to stage a four-day protest with armed private security operatives.

At a press conference held on Thursday, June 2, 2022, the convener of FixingTheCountry, Ernest Owusu Bempah scolded Barker-Vomawor and his cohorts for nurturing the idea of embarking a on protest with their armed security men and getting access to the state broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

Ernest Owusu Bempah who viewed the intentions of the group as treacherous and unthinkable, described Barker Vomawor as “a shameful example of what is wrong in Ghana as a country, he spewed rhetoric that so many believe willingly, that has no basis in fact. He, along with those that supports him need to be held accountable.

“Ladies and gentlemen, all over the world, throughout history, the treatment against traitors to a nation has always been the same: arrest swiftly, prosecute vigorously, sentence harshly. These gang should be treated the exact same way,” he said.

He questioned why a group that claims to be advancing the interest of Ghanaians and the protection of the country’s democracy would seek to do something that threatens the peace and security being enjoyed in the country.

According to the FixingTheCountry Movement the idea by the Oliver Barker-Vomawor and his group betrays what they claim to stand for and tasked Ghanaians to be wary of the activities of the group.

“We must stand together—regardless of political party or point of view—to condemn this irresponsible behaviour, and to uphold, protect and defend our homeland Ghana.

“My father's people have this saying that "no matter how beautiful a coffin looks, no one at the funeral wishes for death."

“Oliver Barker-Vormawor and company needs to be told in plain words that their conduct warrant psychiatric evaluation. No sane person engages in such recklessness in the name of public advocacy.

“Let it be on record that the only legitimate means of changing our government is through the ballot box. The only acceptable form of governance in this 21st century is through democratic elections. It is the only way to install – and the only way to change – an administration. The days of coups and government without votes are over”, he said at the presser.


The #FixTheCountry convener served a notice to the Police on their decision to embark on a demonstration against the Agyapa deal, cessation of the Achimota Forest Reserve and to press home the need to protect the sanctity of the country’s security.

In their notice, they requested to be allowed to contract private security personnel to protect the demonstrators.

Among other things, they also notified the Police that the demonstrators and the contracted private security personnel will be armed with weapons.

Also, they stated that the armed demonstrators will picket at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the Ghana Police Headquarters.

At GBC, they will demand to speak directly to the nation on GTV and layout their grievances.

But the Police in a statement noted that they are unable to provide security for a demonstration which is in flagrant violation of the Public Order Act, 1994 (Act 49) and has the potential to result in a breach of public order and public safety.

According to the Police, they have reached out to the organisers to reconsider their proposal and work with the Police towards the organisation of a lawful, peaceful and successful demonstration.

“We wish to assure the public that in the interest of public safety and security, the Police are putting in place all necessary measures to ensure that unauthorised persons do not march on the streets with weapons.”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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