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You can’t gag us – Franklin Cudjoe tells Judges, Judicial Service

President of Think Tank IMANI Africa Franklin Cudjoe has told the Judges in the country that they cannot gag the public from criticizing their rulings and work in the court of law.

According to him, so far as Lawyers go for appeal and reviews on rulings made on issues, there is the need for the public to call out Judges when their rulings are seen as unfair.

To him, what the Judges need to do about vile comments about them is not to gag critical voices of their work but rather focus on dragging individuals who make unsubstantiated claims about their work.

He indicated that this will bring sanity but not trying to gag people who make constructive critique of their work.

Franklin Cudjoe said: “Lawyer Thaddeus Sory is a great brain. He is lawyer for Judges, who through him have given a stern warning to all media houses not to publish vile, hateful and incendiary comments against Judges who are just doing their work. Frankly, some parts of that letter to media houses were condescending. However, we have taken the lesson, but will they also stop listening to everyone who writes about them? They should just find a few rogues who really say things they can’t prove in court and punish them, then all others will stop. I have used that formula recently and it works. ????????. However, they cannot tell us that we cannot say there has been unfair rulings ever- else what would be the need for appeals and reviews? Thanks to Anas Aremeyaw Anas we heard some Judges love goats too. We all love goat pepper soup.”
Source: My News GH
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