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You can't quench fire with fire - Prof. Gyampo to EC

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• EC has not been able to figure out how to deal with the opposition as referees, Prof. Gyampo added

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Political Science Lecturer at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo, has said the Electoral Commission must show maturity in handling issues of the opposition parties.

According to him, due to the unfortunate conditions and how the EC heads were appointed, the opposition will be suspicious of every step taken by the electoral body.

"Therefore, they must make sure they are independent and avoid responding to every provocative allegation made against them by the opposition," he noted.

Speaking to GhanaWeb in an interview, the Governance expect said should there be the need for them to respond to an allegation, they must deal with it in a calm manner and not match the opposition boot for boot or fire for fire.

On how the misunderstanding between the NDC and EC can be solved, he said, the EC should handle issues in a mature way.

“So, the EC must be calm and show more maturity in handling provocations from the opposition, which would always come. They must not be seen to be matching the opposition boot for boot or fire for fire. They must know that they cannot quench fire with fire. They must know that the unfortunate circumstances that led to their appointment and the current mode of appointment of EC heads, coupled with bad faith and distrust among political actors in Ghana, would necessarily make the opposition suspicious of every step they take, regardless of how genuine such steps may be."

"They must therefore show their independence by the work that they do and not respond to every provocative allegation made against them by the opposition. If they have to respond, they must do so in a very sober but assertive manner.”

“Their very dormant Advisory Committee must also work publicly and behind the scenes to repair the badly damaged relationship between the opposition and the EC. All other stakeholders in our election process must also be concerned about the dangers of such a frosty relationship for the peace of the country and we must all speak to ensure that there is peace, else we would all be the losers one day,” he added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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