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You have touched me if you dare touch Otumfuo – Kwamohene warns

Kwamohene, Nana Owusu Nanyin I

Mon, 21 Feb 2022 Source:

Otumfuo demands of his chiefs to stand up for Ashanti Kingdom

Kwamohene calls out social media activist for disrespecting Otumfuo

I will wage war against you, Kwamohene

The Chief of Kwamo in the Ejisu Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti Region, Nana Owusu Nyanin I, has sounded a strong warning to individuals who according to him are disrespecting the overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu.

According to the Chief of Kwamo, any form of disrespect directed at the Asantehene is equally directed at him and all the other chiefs and paramount chiefs under the Golden Stool, and thus he and his likes will go all out to defend the Otumfuo against any of such attacks.

“If you insult the Asantehene it affects me as well. So if you touch the Asantehene you have touched me too; you have touched Mamponghene, you’ve touched Asakorehene; Antoahene; Amokomhene and all the other chiefs,” Nana Owusu Nyanin I fumed during an interview with Oman Channel.

His statement was in reaction to comments by social media activist, Ohene David who is known for directing verbal attacks at the Asantehene in his Facebook live videos.

Speaking to Oman Channel, the Chief of Kwamo noted that any attack directed towards the Asantehene – the occupant of the Golden Stool is the same as waging a war against the entire Ashanti Kingdom.


“It is a war; he is waging war against Ashantis. How dare you insult the Asantehene? Who are you, who are your parents?” he questioned.

According to Nana Nanyin I, despite his acknowledgment of an individual’s right to expression, the exercise of such a right must not become an act of disrespect against Otumfuo.

In what was a strong caution to King David and his likes, the Chief of Kwamo said he will not hesitate to deal with such persons on a personal level if the need be.

“Here is a man who has dedicated his life and resources towards serving Ghana. I don’t understand what that boy holds against him (Otumfuo). Why would you want to insult the Ashanti monarchy? I am sure he is not Ashanti himself. I am waging war on him if he doesn’t stop it will be war wherever I personally meet him,” the chief stated.

Meanwhile the Otumfuo addressing the first meeting of the Asanteman Traditional Council sent a direct message to all his chiefs, urging them to vacate their seats if they cannot to fight for and defend the kingdom.

According to the Otumfuo, the chiefs undermine the sacrifices of their forbearers if they cannot exhibit bravery by defending the Ashanti Kingdom its monarch.

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