You're a hypocrite if you say there's food shortage in Ghana - Allotey Jacobs

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Sun, 26 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Food is only expensive, there is no shortage – Allotey Jacobs insists

Prices of foods items high because of increased transport cost – Allotey Jacobs

Govt should talk to market women about price hikes – Allotey Jacobs

Former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Bernard Allotey Jacobs, has said that Ghanaians who claim there is food storage in the country are not being sincere.

According to him, the country has enough food, but the only issue is that the prices of food items have increased.

Allotey Jacobs, who made these remarks in a Peace FM interview monitored by GhanaWeb, explained that prices of food items are high because of the cost involved in transporting these goods.

“Anybody who says there is shortage of food in the country is the number one hypocrite. There is no shortage. The issue we have is with the price of food items.

“When our tomatoes sellers go to Burkina for the tomatoes, they are cheap. But the cost of transportation is high, and they also come and transfer all the cost to consumers. The gender minister and the agriculture ministry must help with this, they have to speak to these market women (so that they don’t increase prices too much).

“Another solution is that we should implement a mass transport system, where we load all the goods from the North and bring them to the south … the Buffer Stock Company must also be resourced so that there can be used to store more food in their silos and warehouse and release them when needed,” he said in Twi.

He added that the solutions he suggested are the homegrown solutions the country can employ to ensure that increase in prices of food items currently seen is halted.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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