You're destroying the party; manipulating voters with money is not the spirit of NPP - Kwesi Pratt bewails

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Tue, 7 Jun 2022 Source: peacefmonline.com

The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr., has lamented the display of opulence in the just-ended regional elections of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Reports that emerged after the just ended elections indicate that some of the candidates distributed cash and other items to delegates.

Delegates in the Ashanti Region were alleged to be the richest among their peers as money reportedly in a bullion van was distributed to them. One candidate said he paid each delegate GHc 1,000

The astute Journalist who says he has once worked for the party claims manipulating voters with money "is not the spirit of the NPP".

Contributing to a panel discussion on Peace FM's morning show 'Kokrokoo', Kwesi Pratt said, "This is a new level and I think we should be worried about this. If this is just regional elections I can imagine what will happen during the nationals".

"I know NPP very well to the extent that I even had an office in the NPP headquarters; NPP is not a party that was built on money. It was built on sacrifice and commitment and dedication . . . The kind of work done to build the New Patriotic Party is not what is going on now, you're destroying the party . . . NPP in 1992 is substantially different from NPP 2022. principles have changed, values have changed, committment levels have changed, so much has changed in the NPP and it should be a source of worry for all who want to see the party progress," he admitted.

Listen to him in the video below:

Source: peacefmonline.com