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You’re irresponsible if you blame government for unemployment – Prof. Adei

Professor Adei discloses employment opportunities he got growing up

Professor Adei says everyone should be responsible for their lives

Government to roll out YouStart to address unemployment

Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Emeritus Stephen Adei, has said that anyone who blames the government, parent, school and any other external factor for his or her unemployment is irresponsible.

In an interview on the July 24 edition of the Springboard Virtual University show with Albert Ocran, Professor Adei stressed that every adult was responsible for their lives and thus should take blame or glory for whichever situation they find themselves in.

He disclosed that as a young man he vowed never to be unemployed – a commitment which led him to volunteer his time to help others with or without pay.

According to him, everyone must endeavour to find something worthwhile doing as it helps bolster self-esteem in an individual.

“I think that ultimately an adult is responsible for their own lives. I think that if anybody who is unemployed is blaming the government blaming their parents blaming their school and everything else, excuse me to say they are being irresponsible because the essence of an adult is being fully and personally responsible for your condition.

“When I was a young man, of course, I was a graduate and so, therefore, I used to say I will never be unemployed. What I meant by not being unemployed is that I will never at anytime be gainfully not engaged.

“And even if it means my helping some old ladies, some children….whether I’m paid for or not… because people must learn for their own sense of self-esteem and security and so must always be gainfully engaged; paid or unpaid. The reason is that it is very important for you to feel that you are worth yourself and let me use a religious cliche that God never made [a] junk,” Professor Adei said.

The country has over the years grappled with unemployment challenges, however, the situation has been made worse by the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic which took a toll on economic activities. At present, the government intends to roll out the YouStart initiative to provide support for small start-ups.

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