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You set yourself up for depression by comparing yourself to others - Afia Schwarzenegger’s son

Controversial comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger’s son, Ian Heerdegen, has advised that people set themselves up for depression by comparing their lives to that of others.

In a post that was shared on his Instagram story on August 1, 2022, but has since been deleted, the other half of the ‘Heerdegen twins’ noted that comparison is the source of many people’s unhappiness.


“Ebi you people nor wey dey put yourselves in that depression state cuz you dey compare and at the end of the day that's the killer of all joy, comparison,” he typed in pidgin English.

After making that statement, he added that there is no household on the planet that is perfect, a reason people should stop comparing their lives to others.

“I had to do this because I was talking to a friend, and I know most people are going through the same thing but have nobody to talk to.

“Shun dey compare your real life to people's social media lifestyle cuz nobody's out there posting no sad stuff you barb. At the end of the day, there's no household on this planet that's perfect," he added.

He noted that should one be able to enter some people’s homes, they would either experience or keep their sad lives private from others while adding that no one on earth doesn't experience pain.

“Like you fit enter any home for this earth and if it's not them pretending or lemme keeping their private stuff away from others, there's nobody that's happy every day like say ein de3 eno dey experience pain,” he disclosed.

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