General News Tue, 4 Feb 2020

Zoe Embassy pastor curses his colleague pastors

Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri, the embattled pastor of Zoe Outreach Embassy Church, who is struggling hard to refund locked up investments in his defunct EL Real Estates and Tikowre Capital has rained curses on his pastors in a viral video.

The "man of God" who was behind his pulpit preaching later entered into the “spiritual realm” and pronounced generational curses, hardships, bareness and difficulty on the families of his pastors.

He said “Lord and unto those who chose to scatter this ministry especially the pastors who left this ministry and left with members of this ministry, which they do not account for as individuals, Lord let their wives be barren, let all fruitfulness be cast from them….”

“…I curse their generations, I curse the generations before them and after them, let there be chaos in their families, let your pestilence fall upon them from this day, let there be sickness from the root of their families to the generation that is unborn, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS…” he added.

Some aggrieved customers of Tikowre Capital in 2019, besieged Pastor Kobiri's church premises to demand their locked-up funds.

They indicated that, they were convinced by the pastor to invest with EL Real Estates and Tikowre Capital, but have not been able to withdraw their dividends or principal since they started in November 2018.

This incident affected the membership of the church as some members and pastors who did not want to be associated with him left.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com