Today In History: Rawlings must return Abacha’s $2m gift – Nigerian journalist

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Comment: Rawlings must return Abacha's $2million.

Kofi Nsowa
2020-07-16 14:48:48
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Today In History: Rawlings must return Abacha’s

Ruthless despot J J Rawlings staged a military coup and under the umbrella of AFRC-PNDC-NDC and shouting loudly about Probity and Accountability he took a kickback from his fellow heartless coup maker Sani Abacha of Nigeria. J J Rawlings and his wife Nana Konadu Agyeman grabbed chains of GNTC department stores and Nsawam Cannery alongside 770.74 acres of Adoagyiri stool land. AFRC-PNDC-NDC = Bribery& Corruption protected by entrenched clauses in Ghana's 1992 Constitution that Rawlings' PNDC forced down the throats of Ghanaians. Rawlings is irrelevant to Ghana. Time to wipe the entrenched clauses from our Constitution and wipe out Rawlings from both the history of Ghana and the memory of Ghanaians. It must start with the immediate return of the blood money that Rawlings admitted he collected from Abacha .

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Kofi Nsowa on Jul 16, 2020 14:48
Rawlings must return Abacha's $2million.