Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minority

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Comment: Free Enterprise.

2020-07-30 19:41:02
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Akufo-Addo collapsing local car dealership - Minor

I don’t understand why we NPP, purveyors of free market enterprise, will pass a law to protect an auto giant like VW against used car dealers in Ghana!!! This government fails to realize that assembling vehicles alone doesn’t industrialize your economy. We had Neoplan assembly plant in Ghana and a Peogeot and VW assembly plants in Nigeria. These plants are all closed and didn’t propel the economies to industrialization.
This law is a job killer for uncountable mechanics, body shops, spare parts and used car killers. This law should be amended else NPP will lose several parliamentary seats. Abossey Kai and Suame and other magazines across the country are not to be toyed with. Mr President, they are not bickering. Their concerns are real. Avoid their wrath by amending this law. This not a partisan issue. The Minority MP is right.

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Kojo on Jul 30, 2020 19:41